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Split-App Signup / Login

For hearing users, no account registration is necessary. This allows them to bypass steps they don’t need, and quickly join the active meeting session - even if they had to install the app first.

Meeting Invites

A close-to-seamless invite process, even if participants did not have the app installed on their phones prior to the meeting.

Send: Host Invites Participants to Meeting

Host Invites Participants

At the start of a meeting, hosts can send batch invites to all participants at once. Two types of meeting invites can be sent together: invites to existing users - users that have the app installed, and invites to new users - users who do not yet have the app installed.

Receive: Participants Receive Meeting Invite

Users Without the App Installed
Receive Meeting Invites via Email

The email will contain a “magic” link to download the app from the Play Store. Tapping on the link will do 2 things:

  1. Stash a temporary meeting invite on the user’s local device
  2. Direct users to the app's page on the Play Store to download

The app will immediately look for the stashed invite the first time it's opened, after download, and display the screen below

Users With the App Installed
Receive Meeting Invites Directly in the App

The active state of the 'Meeting Room' tab will change from empty to displaying a meeting invitation, waiting for the participant to accept (see screen below)


In addition to the invite received in the 'Meeting Room' tab, users are also able to receive meeting invites via notifications. Either an in-app or out-of-app notification will be delivered to the user if the 'Meeting Room' tab is not already open on their phones. Tapping on the notification - in-app or out-of-app, will bypass the screen above, connect users to the meeting, and bring them straight to the active meeting session in the app.

userflow diagram for notifications for transcense' mobile app

Notifications Userflow

sketches for notifications screens for transcense's mobile app.  correspond with the notifications userflow.

Sketches for the notification screens that correspond with the orange boxes in the userflowabove

Notifications helped to guarantee a streamlined two-way communication process between the deaf/hard-of-hearing user and meeting participants, in the events leading up to the start of the meeting.

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